Modelismo de papel: Maqueta del Porsche 911 Carrera en blanco y azul

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modelismo porsche

maqueta recortable


1step1The overlap widths of parts in the window are bent.
The lower side in the window of the side is not bent.
2step2A bend and putting of the overlap widths of parts of the body roundness are done.
Overlap width in the part shown in red is bent, the part shown in green is matched to the body shape, and it curls it.
3step3The window is pasted to parts of the body.
Please follow it in order of figure.
4step4It comes to show the structure of the section seen from the front in figure.
5step5After roundness is put on the nose parts, overlap width in the part shown in red is pasted.
6step6The part of the bonnet is pasted.
It pastes in the order shown in figure, and the lower side is put on the windshield without having pasted it yet.
Next, the part of the bumper is sticked together back.
7step7It enters such a state.
The part of the headlight and the winker is not pasted still.
8step8Parts in a rear part are matched to the body shape and roundness is put.
9step9It pastes it in the order shown bent parts in figure.
10step10Overlap width upper (position shown in red) in a rear window is pasted while straightening the shape of the roof.
11step11Overlap width at the position shown in red while straightening the shape of the bonnet and the windshield is pasted.
Because the way to paste this part is the most difficult, it is careful.
12step12The chassis is made.
First of all, from the part that becomes a triangle bar
13step13Next, put up the wall and to the way of the photograph
14step14The body is pasted to the chassis.
The paste putting position is a part shown in red of figure.
15step15[Riasupoira-] is assembled.
It becomes such shape.
16step16Parts of [riasupoira-] firmly bend the red part shown in figure, and the part shown in green is bent gradually.
17step17After [riasupoira-] is put, a right and left fender is pasted.
Please give attention [te] to shape when you paste the fender.
18step18The part of the headlight and the winker is pasted while straightening shape.
19step19The tire is assembled.
It is for the front wheel ..thin one.., and fat one is for the rear wheel.
It is made, and install it in the both sides symmetry to turn one where being possible to do is good outside, please.
20step20The side-view mirror is assembled.
There is no overlap width because they are small parts.
No [se] in the digital camera of [uchi] because it is small ..good.. ..taking…
21step21Please install the side-view mirror.
The adhesive is only pasted to the cut putting it because there is no overlap width.
In such a state.

Al final quedará de esta forma:

recortable porsche

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